Illustration is published quarterly. Each new issue is between 80 and 112 pages, printed in full color. Domestic prices for individual issues are listed below (appropriate postage will be added at checkout.) Four-issue quarterly subscriptions are $60.00 postage paid in the U.S., $100.00 Canada, $130.00 all other countries. All orders are sent via U.S. mail in a special box designed to completely protect the edges and corners of the magazine. Orders for more than two copies are generally sent double boxed for extra protection.


To order by standard mail, please visit the online store and go through the checkout procedure to determine your final price with postage and tax, if applicable. You don't have to enter credit card information to see this data, but you will have to enter your email and address. This data is not stored in the system. Cancel out of the shopping screen, then make your check or money order payable to:


Illustration Magazine

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Telephone: 314-577-6768


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